assorted puzzle game

I have always said that this project is like a puzzle. For a very long time it seemed like there were puzzle pieces everywhere and there was nothing but chaos. There were also times when pieces were put in the wrong place, or at the wrong time and it caused lots of frustration. But, over the years we have built each piece for a purpose. We might not have understood at the time why, but thankfully they are all starting to fall into place. It is so exciting to begin to see this film take shape. With the paintings to the pitch trailer being done, Wow! We are seeing a real movie right before our very eyes. Our fundraising campaign is starting to look like a professional campaign as well. This is because I am forced to wait. Instead of me throwing something together in a month, I am forced to put it together within eight. So, this has allowed me more time to plan, research and to think at a more professional level. I work on the campaign every few weeks. This also allows me time to see the campaign with fresh eyes. I spend hours on when I do and then I don’t think about it till the next time. I am not so rushed to get it done in a hurry. I am so pleased with this progress and the fact that truly, we are starting to see a film being made. It is an awesome feeling. When those pieces looked like shambles and at a state of total (and I mean) total disorder, it was disheartening. There was a lot of confusion and dissary. It was hard for people to take us seriously, because of it. It was like walking into a room with everything on the floor, and with the room a complete mess. But, those messes are starting to be cleaned up as we are making progress. Pieces that were made three to seven years ago that sat alone by themselves, are starting to be put with other pieces and they now are starting to make sense. And this is the beauty of it. Things are actually starting to make sense. Wow! It is such an amazing feeling.

Onward…to distribution!


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