While working on a new fundraising campaign, I had to add pictures. The one above is from about 7 years ago. I can hardly believe it is almost 10 years of working on this project. But, when I go through the pictures, I see one word – DEDICATION! So many amazing and dedicated people. Sure, we lost some. But, more stayed who believe in the the story of Summer Ray.

Our pitch trailer will cost between $4000 – $5000. This is all for a trailer that is 120 seconds long. Thousands of dollars are being spent for 2 minutes. It may seem crazy. But, think about it this way. When I had to be airlifted to York Hospital because I was in full respitory failure, that 15 minute helicopter ride cost $16,000. It seems the most critical times are the most expensive to fix.

This is how important this pitch trailer is. We are at an extrememly critical junction. Our pitch trailer MUST do what it is meant to do and that is to grab the attention of potential producers, directors and investors. Funds will bring the story to life on the big screen. It is what air is to humans and without it, the movie vision will die and never reach distribution. This is why I am so determined to do whatever I need to do, to ensure this pitch trailer is over the top awesome, and from what I am starting to see, it truly is. I cannot wait to show it. This won’t be until May or June. But, it truly will be a masterpiece. Our artist is incredible.

From humble beginnings to where we are now. It’s exciting. It might seem like a slow process. But, finish the cake. Let it bake and don’t try to take it out of the oven too soon. If you do, what will  happen? Just like a cake, the center collapses. Don’t just wing it either. Films with this kind of attitude end up with horrible reviews. Don’t just throw something together either. Think about it. Let it take time to marinate in your mind. Take the time to do it right. If someone tells you need to get more professional, do it. Listen to the experts. They know what we don’t. Let their success rub off on you. Don’t get all egotisical and stupid. Just listen. Dedicate yourself to your project, no matter how long it takes to make it the best it can possibly be! We are starting our 11th year in February and next year in 2019, we will start to see the fruits of our labor! What if I had given up? Ask yourself that question. What if you give up and the miracle you need is just a few months or a few minutes away? Are you willing to take that chance? A dedicated person will see it through to the end!!!







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