It was a day much like this when I first climbed up Big Round Top in February 2009. It was snowy, icey, cold, wet, and damp all at the same time. It was surreal. It was like I was in a dreamlike state.  I knew I shouldn’t climb this hill in these weather conditions…but I just had to! I didn’t know why. I didn’t know what would be waiting for me (if anything) once I reached the top of the hill, or if I would even reach it at all.  It was dangerously foolish! But here I am almost ten years later, about to release the 6th Summer Ray book. It’s been a battle for sure. But it has also and continues to be an amazing adventure.  If it were easy, everyone would do it. However, this is a very competitive and risky business. The higher the level you want to go, the higher and greater the risks are. The states get much higher the greater the budget is. But, even low budget films can still be blockbuster hits. Every film is different. It is like a snowflake or a grain of sand. They may seem the same when compared to other snowflakes and sand, but they have their own blueprints and DNA. No too are alike! No matter how many times I photograph a Gettysburg sunrise or sunset, I will never be able to capture the same one twice. Your film and mine are unique to us. You have your reason for wanting your film to be produced, and I have mine. Other have their own reasonings too. But the difference is, which ones will cross the finish line as opposed to others who won’t.

If you stay stuck in this wilderness of lost hope, your dream will die. Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions is the best source of learning that I could have ever wished for. Her website is www.fromtheheartproductions.com

Please get in touch with her if you are in need of direction for your Indie film. I cannot stress enough the importance of being connected to others who are EXPERTS in this field. Even if you have made films before, were they as successful as you wanted them to be? Are you looking for ways to fund your newest project without any luck? Is your website excellent and easy to understand, or do you even have one? If you do, is it sloppy? Have you perfected your pitch? Is your crowdfunding campaign amateurish when it needs to be professional? Creating a successful film is like a beautiful diamond with many facets. – exceptional brilliance; spectrum of beautiful colors; fire; sparkle; luster. Every facet from the script to distribution needs to have this kind of shape and design, or you will have a seriously dull film where people do not take you seriously.

Raise the bar people! It may take longer, but it is truly worth it!!!



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