I started reading the 6th volume as I am getting ready to release it soon. The story of Summer Ray started ten years ago and it is still not finished. There is a great deal of history as well as current events and as we know, some of those events are simply a huge mark against this great Nation. History is just that…history! It is priceless. I am not talking about the bad parts of history. I am talking about the evolution of how this Nation has become what it is today. From our Founding Fathers to our current President. We cannot just erase the parts we didn’t like. History tells us where we came from and who are ancestors were. When people try and erase the horrors of slavery – they are actually damning their ancestors strength and survival. They are telling Martin Luther King Jr. that all he did and even sacrificing is own life was not important. One cannot talk about the Southern slavery without referencing the Northern slavery. Yet, some people are hell bound to remove the heritage of the South. Well, we at Summer Ray will not take part in the removal of our American History. With all of the historical ancestors that I have, I simply cannot. Plus, I understand that we are not to remove the ancient landmarks. How will the future generations look back and understand their history and where they came from? The Socialists want to remove anything that has to do with hard labor in this country. But, without labor, one cannot grow and cannot grow strong at that! It is an avalanche of a weak society just waiting to happen and when it does happen, it will be fast and unexpected. And because politics are in the series, I felt it was necessary to bring this up. We will not take part in the removal of the Confederate history. We will include it within the film series where appropriate.



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