Wow! It’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks. I am actually looking forward to winter. Because that means, spring will soon follow as well as our finished pitch trailer. The picture above shows the 5 volume book series, a few storyboards as well as our pitch poster. The 6th volume will also be finished by spring. I don’t know when I will start on the 7th and final book. But, it will come to me when it is time. I am trying to tie up some loose ends by the time the pitch trailer is finished.

We are working now on preparations to film the introduction. One thing I have come to understand, is that God does make everything beautiful in its time. It took us a long time to get where we are. But, we haven’t yet crossed over into production. But, once that happens, it will fly from there. So, whenever “its” time is to be shown to the world, this film will surely be a beautiful one! Because God does not make anything less. It took many years for our pitch trailer to evolve. It developed gradually. The more we grew in our filmmaking knowledge, the better they became. But, we still needed that breakthrough to make it beautiful, and it came with the advice of a professional Hollywood film editor. He came out of retirement to help us! God is good.

So, while the trailer is being created, I am working on finishing the 6th book and promoting the story. I am also working on better health decisions. I am actually sitting here drinking water while I type this. I just do not have a love for it. But, I know it is good for me. So, I am working on doing what I need to do, to get healthier! Soon, I will have my braces. I simply cannot be on camera with a gap in my teeth. So, I am doing what I need to do for the purpose of the film and to have a prettier smile! My goals are pretty focused and although I do get impatient, I know that God’s hands are upon this project and He is helping us every step of the way to distribution! I do not know where the funding is coming from, but I do know that God does. Where ever it is now, it will find its way to us! I am 100% sure of that and why I do not fret over the funds. He will make a way for it to get to me in its time. When the right time is, the money we need to go into production will be here! I have 100% confidence in the God I serve.



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