blue sky daylight hollywood landscape

We are almost ten years into our Summer Ray project. I cannot say that I am weary, but maybe impatient. I am anxious about how amazing the trailer will look and I just want it all done now. I want the funds to be in, so we can get started on Production. In my moment of sadness because we aren’t where I want us to be yet, I heard the Lord say to me, “Keep up the good work!” I instantly smiled. Wow! Father God thinks my work is good as I grin from ear to ear. It kind of gave me the boost I needed. I KNOW funding is coming. I KNOW we will get to Production. But, it still is all in God’s timing. He has His hands in this project and I have to go at His pace. He knows the perfect timing for this film to be released. He knows what other films we will have to compete against and He doesn’t want ours to get lost in the shuffle. We have an important message to share with the world. It must be shared. It has to be shared. So, we have to give them something of value. Art cannot be rushed. But, in the Grand view if God’s timing, it isn’t rushed nor is it lagging behind. It will be finished in tune with God’s perfect moment in time. This takes tremendous stress off of me. Because I know I am not responsible for all if it. I am responsible to keep up the good work and not give up. My blogs help to keep me focused. I hope that sooner or later other Indie filmmakers will be read them and be encouraged by them. I want to “pay it forward!” So, I am keeping track of this journey to Hollywood and it is an incredible one at that!


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