IMG_20181003_073322013_HDR~2Yes! I love this battlefield. No two days are ever alike. I could never be bored here! It is more of an experience that over time, permeates your soul and you just have to keep going back. There is always something new to see. With the film, I want people to be able to witness the sights and sounds of the battlefields that most in everyday life don’t get to. A lot of people think it is a battlefield where men during the Civil War fought and died. Which of course it is.  But, it is so much more as their spirits live on. Add that to the majestic beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, or the creepy fog that blankets the battlefields, or the ice on the trees and snow on the rocks during winter, and we can’t forget the amazing and breathtaking colors of the fall leaves! The film is designed with all four seasons in mind. As the pitch trailer is being painted, I am seeing little by little, how this film is starting to come to life. I can view the story and its characters and how they progress. Their locations are carefully set and the dialogue pinpointed for his or her time period. We have a lot of work ahead of us to make this just right. In the summer of 2019, we will have an event where we will unfold the paintings and show for the first time our new trailer. The date and time will be announced shortly. We will then take this trailer to the American Film Market to show it to potential directors and producers! We are moving forward, though little by little. But, one simply cannot rush art!

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