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I try not to talk about politics in my blogs on this site. But, I have written about American History since its conception. So, it is a difficult topic to dance around! I write about Presidents from Washington to Trump in the Summer Ray series. But there again, I have tried to keep politics out of it. Writing about government and American history, is on the other end of the spectrum from politics. Politics is what we are seeing now with the Democratic party and many of Hillary’s followers. But, in terms of loyal fans – she has them. I find it absurd to hate someone so much that they will do just about anything – even lie to try to impeach an American President and to ruin a judge from the Supreme Court.  I do not believe they hate the man just for the sake of hating him. I believe they are terrified of him (President Trump) and that is why they have to try to destroy him and those he appoints.  Fear causes people to do crazy things. But, this type of behavior is sadistic. They actually derive pleasure from hurting people they oppose. It is power they seek and they are afraid they are losing what power they have. I might not agree with everything President Trump does or stands for. But, I respect his office and therefore I respect him. To threatened to impeach or kill both him and the Vice President is simply terrorism and needs to be dealt with accordingly. What kind of role model…well – nevermind. That is a mute point. I do not think the far lefts are concerned about those they are influencing. In fact, they are encouraging this demonic behavior even with their children.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:

but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Proverbs 29:2

I guess this depends on which side you are on. If you feel that President Trump is wicked, you are mourning. Those of us who feel his Presidency was God appointed, we are rejoicing. But this also means, a wicked ruler who is more like a Pharoah instead of a leader. I have written about Pharoah twice today. But Pharoah had an end and it wasn’t a pleasant one. He lost his entire army and his son. He finally came to a place where he realized God was indeed God and some of these lying, cheating, angry and double dealing lefts, are also going to find that out too. I have been called a racist for voting for President Trump and I have lost a lot of friends over politics. But, they are not missed. I have no need of those kinds of people in my life. Bottom line…I fear God! I respect His Word and I try to do what He wants me to do and what He tells me to do. I don’t ever want to be on the wrong side of the tracks of Heaven. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

I have seen this country’s history become twisted and torn before my very eyes. I have studied many years our Founding Fathers and the birth of our American history. The purity of patriotism is so far watered down it is disgusting. We can kneel at our National Anthem and get fans for it. But, if we kneel and pray before, during or after a game we get fired! We are blaming Confederate History for the violence in our land and have started to remove it. But, the violence has NOT subsided… it has gotten worse. What will be the excuse once all of the Confederate monuments and plaques are torn down? What will they blame then for their bad behavior and their right to riot?

There are a lof of things incredibly wrong with the moral basis in this country. When you cannot sit down and eat dinner without having someone bully you, because of the hat you have on there is something terribly unjust and just down right evil. So, you have to look passed the behavior to the influence behind it and that is Satan. He is well hidden. But those of use who can see right through him, who are not afraid to expose him – do!

Part of Summer Ray is exposing the “wiles of the devil.” It might be intertwined in an historical/fiction novel series – but nonetheless – it is there. I will stay on my course and see this book series into a film series. I feel the impact the film will have is far greater than the books. When we see things in living color, it can have a different and more substantial impact. Seeing demons and how they work – is eye opening especially when we don’t normally see them. But, we see the affects of them. Which is pretty predominate in politics. We see the affects of demonic oppression and possession in our society with suicide, drug abuse, alcoholism, homelessness and so many more states of sadness.

I have become renewed in my thinking. Actually, it’s the same old thoughts, just have more fire added to them. I care about people. I care about people trapped in the grips of demonic hands. Summer Ray – is not a fix all. It is a light to lead people to Jesus. He is the way, the truth and the life! He is the ONLY ONE who can fix this country’s ills. But, we have taken him out of the places that really matter. We have taken him out of the courthouses and the judicial systems in the county. The place where He is needed the most – with the law and the way people are to live their lives in peace. He is no longer welcome in schools and why Satan has been allowed to go in a shoot them up. Hearts have grown cold and have stopped asking Him inside.

Jesus, you are always welcome in my life and especially in this film series! I welcome You with open arms and I pray that what You want it to accomplish that Your will – will be done! We need to return to the purity of patriotism and to the light of your truth!




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