This picture doesn’t do the poster justice. But, in person it is crisp, clear and beautiful. This one has a mistake in it, so I am keeping it. But, I am pretty proud of this (almost) ten years of amazing people getting together to make this dream come true.  It’s hard to believe that with ten years of laboring, we are really just getting started. But, when we come out of pre-production and go into production, we have finished once phase and starting on the next. Lots of fun and fond memories, along with a lot of hard work are in the pictures on poster and these are just a few of them.

Onward….as Lori is painting the pitch trailer, I am steadily working on books signings and promoting the series;  making an amazing fundraising campaign due to launch next June; creating the breakdown sheets and what I can with the budget. I have learned to slow down and to study in detail (how to do what) to make this campaign a success. Soon, I will have to bring in a Line Producer to help with the budget and shooting schedule, but for now – it is just me doing it.

I can’t make the time go any faster. I might be anxious to get to production, but I refuse to just “wing it” or just throw something together and hope for the  best! No!!! We have clear and consise direction. I am finally at peace with how long it has to take to get to the premiere. I know GOD is in control. I know if I just trust in His timing, it will be an amazing production!!! and yes, I am looking forward to it and to ALL of the new friends we will make along this journey!

Till Next Time,



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