Although this is not the best picture, this is close to 10 years of memories. It will be a 16×20 glossy print poster that we will use for our fundraising….from New York City to Gettysburg; 5 of the finished volumes of the Summer Ray Series; some amazing people who have stuck this journey out with me; and so much more. My, how I have changed over the years. I have gotten older yes! But, I still carry within me the same fire as the day I fell down Big Round Top and cut open my hand.

We are to always keep the vision in front of us. But, it is also nice to be able to see how far we have come since February 09, 2009! In a few months we will see our 10 year anniversary and why I decided to make this poster as a keepsake. Our pitch trailer will be finished by June 2019. Lori is steadily working on the scenes for the paintings and I gotta tell ya. I am blown away by her amazing talent. God is good. I met her a long time ago when we were both working as waitresses. Who would have thought some 20 odd years later, we would be working together again. She is helping us move into production. We are also selling our pitch trailer poster (which Lori) hand painted as well. This one is 11×17.



If you would like either poster, the best way to purchase is to click on the red donate button. It will take you to our fundraising page via our Fiscal Sponsor. So, not only do you get an awesome poster, you will also get a tax deduction. Once I receive your information via From the Heart Productions, I will mail out your poster/s in a cardboard shipping tube. Thank you for your support. We are truly excited for all of the progress we have made and will continue to make in the coming years!

Yours Truly,

Juliana 🙂



  PITCH POSTER – $25.00




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