It’s going to take a whole lot of talent to make this film series a great success. These women are part of that team of expertise,  strength, encouragement, and love! The backbone of something is the chief support system. Which is precisely what these ladies are – along with our Fiscal Sponsor – Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions. I have seen people come and go, but the ones who stayed are hand picked by Father God! There are turning points in most every situation. I believe whole-heartedly our turning point was when a professional film trailer eidtor, told me how to make the pitch trailer. We tried unsuccessfully for years to make a good trailer and it didn’t happen. We looked like amateurs. But, just starting out in this business most of us are! It is a learning process. It is getting to one level and then having to climb to the next. There is a whole lot of work to be done to get to the premiere. But, it is worth doing! Come February 2019, it will be Summer Ray’s 10th anniversary. Wow! Ten years…I can hardly believe it!

I seem to have my fire back! I may have grown weary. But, I have never considered quitting. I can see that 2019 could very well be our breakout year, to finally bring on board those who will make this film. I have learned to be patient. If production doesn’t start until 2020, the preparations will still be in the coming year.  I trust in God’s timing. But, the fact remains…we will get to production, then post and then the premiere! After that it is distribution and then we start on the 2nd one! I believe in this story with my whole heart. There isn’t an ounce of my being that doesn’t. Perhaps that is why I am so passionate about it and why I will never quit!

I am truly excited to move forward!



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