I ran into some old friends and was asked, “So, are you STILL doing the film?” I don’t know to do anything else, so…”Yes!” I have accepted the fact this is one of the things I am to accomplish in my life – a successful Summer Ray book and film series. But, they are just parts of what I do. I am also skating, doing my photography, being a Mom and Grammy and whole lists of other things. I am 110% commited to committed to this project with my whole heart. I do not know yet how involved I will be with the actual filming, or if my job is to write the screenplays and act only in the first film. I have no desire to be a Director, though I am considered a “Producer” with all of the work I have already put into the project.  I love writing. I love seeing the film before it is even filmed. I see the characters and the story and how the film progresses. I get to write about people and places I dearly love. It has been an extreme honor to write about the Founding Fathers; the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. I thirst for history and why I am so passionate about preserving it. But more importantly, I am driven by God’s compassion to help people.

I haven’t lost myself in this project. There may have been times when I felt like I was drowning due to the financial issues or the loss of some close aquaintances, but God has not let me go under. He has kept me from giving up. I seem to get rejuvenated after what I preceive is inactivity and then I am like a train going down a very steep hill. I have peace about this project, more so than I have ever before. I just keep going and doing what I am told to do by the experts. I am a greater listener, but I am also a better doer. I am humble enough to know when I need to accept instruction, and strong enough to not myself get led astray. I have the Holy Spirit living inside me. He knows what needs to be done, to get where I need to be with this project. This is His work. He can see the finish product. He knows every detail from the time it was just a thought in my head to the premiere. He knows EXACTLY how this film will be funded and when. I accept the fact that when He feels it is time, it will be provided. It doesn’t mean I just sit back and do nothing. NO! I am preparing the presentation to present, to those who can fund the film or who will work on the film. I am doing what I need to do, so the Lord can do what He needs to do. But, when Heaven is on my side – or rather because I have the approval of God above, I know I am not alone in this. He is helping me. I want to light the world via the Summer Ray series.  It’s why I don’t and will not quit! We are to use our gifts and talents for the good of others who are in need. If these books and films can bring some kind of relief to anyone suffering, Father God will be smiling on me for my perserverence and for my trusting in Him to make what has appeared to be impossible…possible!


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