It’s been a rough few weeks for me personally. But, I finally feel better. I have been hurting physically with so much exercise and just being tired. I actually felt guilty because I wasn’t devoting as much time to the film work. I was working in my head at night when I was supposed to be sleeping. While Lori is working on the paintings for the pitch trailer, I am mentally working on them in my head. At times, I can see the film as if it were playing right in front of me on the projector in my mind. When I am so tired that I really can’t do anything else, it seems like the time when God shows me things about the screenplay that I can fix to make it better.

When things appear to be slow or not moving, I tend to get somewhat anxious. But, I am learning to trust in God’s timing. I have started the beginning stages of the new pitch trailer and it is pretty cool. I am excited about it. I even get a new Civil War gown out of it. So, that is also cool. It was unexpected. But, definitely needed. The script is becoming more and more personal. I think it was before. But, now it seems to be taking on a whole new level of drama too.

Many things are in the process of being made better. I am one of them. I am working on getting my front teeth closed and that requires braces. I don’t want to be on camera or in front of producers etc. and not smile. Mentally, after being so sick a few years back, I am still dealing with some personal trauma. So, I am working on becoming a better me too. We are investing in the pitch trailer which isn’t cheap. But, it is worth it to raise the bar to professional. It is making the intro and voice over well enough to match the paintings to make it an exceptional trailer that people will finally see what we are about.

I look forward to the future of Summer Ray. We are also visiting Valley Forge, PA soon where the General McDaniels grew up. Although, I haven’t been able to visit in person every city I wrote about yet, I still plan to over the coming years. It’s all about being personal! It’s all about bringing people into the story and making them feel welcome. I look forward to the coming year when the trailer will be ready to be shown. It is (at this time) our focus as well as building a successful fundraising campaign. In the meantime, I am cleaning up the script and doing whatever else I should be doing – working on the breakdowns; budget etc. I have a lot to keep me busy. Production is right around the corner. But, I am no longer insisting it be done now.  First things first. We will get to the rest in due time!



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