Wow! What can I say about New York City other than I am madly in love with it! It is a place like no other and why I wrote about it through-out the Summer Ray series. Come on! I just had to. It holds a very special place in my heart. It has a life that no other city on planet earth ever will.

Today is the 17th Anniversary of 911. I knew several of the firefighters who were there that day. I absolutely love the FDNY! In fact, I wrote about them too. I will never forget their kindness when, as a young woman (firefighter), I would visit there. NYC is truly what dreams are made of and I will forever hold the FDNY and the city close to my heart.

Every figure skater also dreams of skating at the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink. It is a magical place to skate. Oh and of course why I added it to the first film. Once again, I just had to. Even typing this blog, it makes me want to jump on a train and arrive at Penn Station to once again live in the world of Broadway, music, romance and so much more. I cannot wait to film there.

Our Summer Ray world remembers 911;  everyone who was on those planes, in those buildings, on the ground and those who so bravely went in to rescue the victims of this horrific plot of destruction.  America was already made great that day because of the heroic acts of bravery and resilience in rebuilding our nation. I am an American and within that one word are two words together that create amazing strength – I CAN! I can stand for this great nation because of so many amazing people who love it, care for it and protect it. So, let’s not just remember those who caused the evil…let’s remember the good of the fact that we are “One Nation Under God – INDIVISIBLE!” We are unable to be divided by terrorists that would try to collapse our great nation!!!


#remembering911 #lovefdny #lovenyc


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