Regardless of what is going on with me personally, the show must go on. The film still has to be produced even with a personal broken heart. But, I am thankful I have the film to fall back on, especially when I am sad. The story of Summer Ray is about real life, with fictional characters. But, parts of it are non fiction – with non fictional characters as well. It’s a difficult story in that it is human interest. Not all of human interest is happiness, and good times. There are times when life is just hard. But, stories can help pull us through. When we know someone is going through the same thing and have come out the other side of it just fine, or even better, it brings us encouragement. This is part of the purpose of Summer Ray. It is to help others with their own difficulties, realize there are people who care and who are willing to show them the way. Jesus is the Way! Summer Ray may not be pitched as a “Christian” film. But it is a faith based film and God is the answer throughout all of it.

I may screw up with my family and friends. But my heart is to never be mean. I have a genuine love and compassion for the human race and I honestly want to help people grasp the understanding that they are loved. But at times, I am broken myself. Yet, I still have to press on. I cannot quit because of saddness. I have to propel myself into continual action. I have to keep praying that all things will work out for my good because I love God. I have to not allow circumstances to stop my work. Which is precisely what the devil tries to do. He tries to break me with heartache. But I have to be stronger than the pain and just move forward. Which I am! I believe in this project with all my heart. It is just harder to live it when that same heart is shattered.

God is good this I know. It isn’t just because the Bible tells me so. I have lived His goodness. My Fiscal Sponsor tells me to, “Just keep going!” I have someone who believes in this project with me and my thanks to her will be a successful film franchise.  I have to count my blessings because they are there. I may be hurt by a few, but I am still in a good place. I am still happy with the progress of this film and with myself. There is no turning back. I am going to cross that finish line of the premiere! This film will be distributed and we will go on to finish the rest!!!



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