If you look close enough at this picture, it looks like the sun has eyelashes. This was taken on Confederate Avenue in Gettysburg, looking across toward Little Round Top! But there is no comparison than actually seeing it in person, with all of that fog and how the sun bounces off of it! Gettysburg truly has a special place in God’s heart. I love spending time on the battlefield first thing in the morning. It really talks to me. I can hear it loud and clear, even in the silence of the dawn – apart from nature. Because nature is always speaking. But the silence of the cannons or the battles that once took place here, are still echoing off the blighted landscape. I have found a permanence on these battlefields. I grew up coming to Gettysburg and I will always be drawn to it. I guess that is why I spent so much time writing about it. I also knew I had to create films surrounding the soldiers that fought here. With so much rage against Confederate history, telling a story from the soldiers view, one can only hope it will show the true heart of an ageless past.

They can TRY to remove history. But, it will never be forgotten. There are far too many descendants that won’t let that happen. I am one of them. I am sure there will be those who will try to boycott our films. But, we will side step and move forward. The films will all be made and as far as I am concerned, our part of preserving history will leave its mark. I know the story. I know how it will affect society when people actually see, hear, and begin to understand the nature of it. I think that is what is making this attack against the Confederate history so ugly. Those who are against it do not understand, the true heart of the matter. Slavery was NOT the purpose of the Civil War. The North owned slaves. Blacks were selling blacks in Africa and sending them to America. The only reason Lincoln freed them was to help save the Union. If freeing them would not benefit the Union, he never would have signed the Emancipation. It’s fact!!!

I wonder if Hillary became President, if our monuments would have been left alone. The woman definitely has a lot of loyal fans, for sure! But, if this is the kind of destructive followers she has, if they had left the monuments alone, they would have found some other way to act out. It’s been quite the ride. I have been called a “racist” because I voted for Trump. I have never been, nor will I ever be a racist. I am not trying to preserve slavery. I am trying to preserve our history. If Martin Luther King Jr. were here today, he would be gravely disappointed! He wouldn’t have fought back with anger and destruction. He was a man of great love and it was that love that made a difference in the Civil Rights Movement. He and people like him, and especially Rosa Parks – with her strength and bravery. They are both in the films. You will see Rosa in the first one.




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