Nope! Not the best pic. But working out isn’t supposed to be a beauty contest. Adding weights to my ankles is tough and it creates a lot more sweat. But, I am getting stronger because of it. There are times in regard to this film that there are things, I just don’t want to do. But, if I want to get to the other side and get to where I want to be, I have to suck it up and just do it anyway. If I want to cross the to the next level in my skating, I have to work out and strength train. If I want to be the older Summer Ray in the first film, I have to get braces on my teeth. It’s not fun getting the dental work, but it is necessary.

Sometimes, in other ways it feels like I am being drilled. Out on the ice, I am most definitely drilled with patterns, routines, moves and power. Drills can cut holes to create room for what is bad to be removed and then fixed. It is also something that instills and firmly establishes discipline. All in all, either way it creates strength. It brings something good into existence. Which is exciting.

I am creating a film series from a book series that wasn’t brought to life before. It has the potential to help many people. But, not just help them/you. It’s to give a few hours of entertainment. It’s to help folks forget the world outside the books or movie theaters and get lost inside the story of Summer Ray.  Because today, we need that. Steven Spielberg once stated:

This is the time to smile more and Hollywood movies are supposed

 to do that for people in difficult times.”

And that is my heart; to help people smile more in difficult times. So, the drilling in all these areas is worth it! Because I know the good that is and will come out of it. The picture above is on Confederate Avenue in Gettysburg. The sunrays remind me of why I do what I do. It is God’s way of saying to me, “I am still shining My love down on you and on this project.” The drilling parts are never easy. But they are also getting us ready for the next step or a higher level. So, it’s advancement. It’s progress and the results are empowering and amazing!



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