This is me after doing a complete run through of an upcoming skating test. I thought I was going to pass out. Normally, each piece of the test is done with breaks after I practice them. But, when all of the pieces are put together, there are no breaks in between. I lack stamina. Here I thought, I was in pretty good shape. I can ride my bike for 12 miles a few times a week; hike; walk for miles as well. But what was missing is strength training that produces stamina. Although I may be determined to pass this test and I have no intentions on quitting, I still have to do what needs to be done to build my stamina.

“Stamina” is defined as – the ability to sustain proglonged physical or mental effort; endurance; staying power; fortitude; energy; strength; toughness; determination; tenacity; perserverance and grit. I love the defintion of “staying power.” Wow! I know this blog is in regard to skating, but it also relates to being a filmmaker – and an Indie one at that. I looked up “staying power” and it is defined as – the ability to maintain an activity or commitment despite fatigue or difficulty. “The ability to maintain an activity or commitment DESPITE FATIGUE OR DIFFICULTY.  This to me is also what defines our character. Some people give up when things get tough. But, my Fiscal Sponsor Carole Dean once told me, “Tenacity is the backbone of a filmmaker!” “Tenacity” is defined as – being able to grip something firmly; strength of purpose; tirelessness; stubborness and resolution. We have to be like bulldogs, if we really want to get to the premiere of our dreams. We have to bite down and not let go. We might be tossed about, exhausted, pushed around and beaten down by discouragements, but our strength of purpose will enable us to hang on. I wrote a book titled: Summer Ray No Matter What!!!


“Have you ever had a dream so big you knew it was literally impossible to see come true? Are you at the point of giving up because that mountain in front of you, is so high, you know you definitely cannot climb it? Do you feel completely crazy for even having the nerve to think such outlandish thoughts that you could actually make it? Then this book is for you. Welcome to the club of crazy dreamers who dare to be different. If can overcome the odds, then so can you.”

As an author, although I love my Summer Ray story, I also love to write motivational and inspirational books as well. It’s why I blog in hopes to inspire you in your own journey. Why do we want to be a filmmaker? It’s because we have a story to tell that the world needs to see and to experience. If it is that important of a story, then you won’t quit. On the days you feel like you will pass out from exhaustion, what you need to do is to build your staying power. My faith in God helps me. But, I also have to lean on those for support, who I know are there to walk beside me on this journey. This is not something I can accomplish on my own. My Fiscal Sponsor is very visual. She tells me to see the finished film. She always points me to the finished product. It gives me something to focus on and to look forward to. I dream about it all the time, being at our first premiere and it’s amazingly spectacular. It gives me the staying power I need to press through the exhaustion.

I was told that when I feel I cannot go any futher, go a little bit more. Out on the ice, in regard to the above picture of me, I was starting to feel like jello. But my coach, who is out on that ice with me, is my staying power. He pushed me through it. We need people like that on our journeys in life. Two other book I wrote along these lines are titled: The Process of Empowerment and The Power of Purpose.


So what does “empowerment” mean anyway? It has to do with giving legal authority to; to enable; or to promote self-actualization of. What the heck is “self – actualization?” In simple terms, it basically means to reach ones full potential. Oh God, what is “potential?” Potential is defined as “capable of being, but not yet in existence of; existing in possibility.” Potential, is what we are after and why I sat down to write this book. If you don’t know what your potential is, you really won’t know how to proceed with the process of empowering it. This short book, packed with powerful tools, will help you fine tune your outside of the box kind of thinking to the possibilities that await you.”



“The above scripture states: “Without vision, people perish.” In other words, without purpose, people die. But let’s go one step further and define purpose. It is defined as “The object toward which one strives for or for which something exists; an aim or goal; determination.” So, do you have goals? If so, it will take purpose, grit, fortitude, and strength of mind to get them accomplished.”

(To order any of the above books, simply click on the book cover!) 


In conclusion, I will keep on keeping on. But, in regard to my skating, I have to do what is necessary to build my stamina. I have to do more of the run throughs of my skating test. I don’t want to fizzle out in front of the judges because I am just too exhausted to continue. I have to start adding all of the pieces of the test and do them consistently over and over again, until I am not out on that ice feeling as if I will faint.

This is also true with the people I will be pitching my film to. I have to know my pitch as if it were a part of my own body, or like it was second nature to me. I cannot (there again), fizzle out in front of those who very well could produce or direct the films. I must be on top of things. I can’t be so nervous that I forget my pitch. There are so many amazing resources out there that I have no excuse to not be prepared. While the pitch trailer is being professionally painted, I have to step up and make sure that I am professionally prepared to present such an amazing video. It truly will be a masterpiece and I have to be at that masterpiece level myself to present it. I’m on it!




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