Ben Franklin once stated: “Lost time can never be found again.” Over the last nine years, since the conception of Summer Ray, I had made plenty of mistakes. There were times even when there were no mistakes and progress just seemed to go at a snails pace. Things were never perfect. But more often than not, I tried to give perfect effort. I tried at every turn to give my best. Then, when it turned out that my best wasn’t on the scale of someone else’s, I had to raise the bar and get better. I would climb the ring of one ladder, only to find myself at the bottom of the next. But, I will continue to climb the ladder until the first film is distributed. However, creating a successful first film, determines if we go on to make the 2nd one. We are a franchise and could see up to ten films. But, each film must be a success or we cannot continue on.

There were days when I would get upset about how long this is taking. I read that the new Disney’s Christopher Robin film took 15 years to produce and distribute. I am 9 and a 1/2 years into the project and so what! So what if I am 9 and 1/2 years into the project. I haven’t quit. How long it takes to produce and bring to distribution has no adverse affect on the quality of the film itself, or on the franchise. I do not feel that time has been lost. As previously stated, mistakes may have been made. Or did we just try things that did not work? Have I gained a better understanding of the film industry? Am I still learning my craft and this trade of work? I have had the privilege and honor of meeting some of Hollywood’s elite that I probably wouldn’t have met if I was already were I needed to be. It isn’t just the destination, it’s the journey. Although I am excited to get to production, I still must reflect and be thankful for all of what I have experienced in pre-production. The struggle made me stronger. The feedback on the script made it better. The re-writes brought the necessary structure that the script was lacking before. The pitch trailer paintings are absolutely beautiful and are beginning to tell a real story. I cannot compare nor can I gauge how much longer it will take to get this film produced. I can only continue on with complete faith that it will take as long as God choses it to. It could be produced next year (2019). It seriously could. Most of what we needed to get ready, is. I believe the pitch trailer will launch us through open doors that we could not have opened without it. It will be finished right around our ten year anniversary. It’s another milestone and I find that to be incredibly exciting.

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