IMG_20180727_095819438~2.jpgWhen I look out over the ocean, my thoughts are on how great Thou art! Words simply cannot describe just how great, great is! God is magnificent. But He is also loving-kindness. Abraham must have understood this. The Bible says, “He considered not his own body!” Think about it. The guy was 99 years old and his wife’s body was barren. She was also 90. But Abraham considered God’s greatness and Iaasic was born. It makes me want to shout and dance just thinking about it! If I were to consider my current bank accounts, or my current prospects for resources for the film, I would be terribly lost. People would have the right to call me crazy! But I don’t consider me in this project at all. I don’t study the “Don’ts!” I ponder and I reflect on who God is. I contemplate His ability and not my own. Things might look dead, barren and like this film will never be born. But, I believe God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that I can even ask or think. My mind cannot even think about how great He is. So, why would I waste my time on the reality of how things look? I choose to be like Father Abraham. I choose to look at that ocean and see God’s handiwork. I look at my daughters and granddaughter and see His beauty. Why would I doubt His ability to provide the millions needed to make this film? Consider God, will you! Think about how awesome He is. Nothing is impossible with Him, nor is it too hard. I have complete faith He is providing and will continue to provide every dime necessary to produce and distribute this film and more.  My response won’t be, “See, I told you so!” No! I will be too excited because, it’s a testimony and hopefully it will help you believe. Because, let me tell you something. If He can do it for me, He can do it for you. But, you have to get far away from doubt and unbelief! I pray, like Father Abraham that God’s miracles in my life will help you find them for yourself. God loves you just as much as He loves me. Consider Him. When you see this film on the big screen, consider Him!

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