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If there is one place on planet earth that I am absolutely in love with, it is New York City. It is why I included it in my Summer Ray book series and now the films. I simply cannot wait to be able to film there.  New York City makes me feel alive in ways other cities do not. I look forward to seeing billboards about our film up in Times Square! It will happen, you’ll see.

Speaking of billboards, our first pitch poster with Captain Talhelm and Sostar will soon be up on billboards all across America. How amazing it will be to see them on the highways and byways across this country. Summer Ray is a mission. I think seeing them on the billboards will bring the presence of God closer. Angels are real. They do exist. I do not worship them. I worship God. But, I am ever so thankful that Angels are alive and help as much as they do. I will never know, (unless God tells me), just how much they have protected me and my family and how much they have assisted us and still do.

Part of the Summer Ray storyline is redemption. It is why I made the film title “Summer Ray – The Redemption.” It won’t follow the titles of the books, but rather Part’s I-???. People have wondered by I won’t pitch this story as a “Christian” film. Although, I think past Christian films have been very good and successful, I feel that a lot of the people who are walking in darkness, won’t go and see a Christian film. But add a suspense/thriller or historical fiction, or perhaps and action/romance? Those genres are less likely to turn people away. We want to reach the world. Although I commend Christian films, because I do believe they help to draw Christians to a closer walk with God, I am not sure how productive they are in saving the lost. Statistics have proven that Christians see these types of films. I am not deterring Christians from seeing Summer Ray. It is just my heart is to reach passed those who are saved and go after the one lost on the hill. Is that not what Jesus said to do? Leave the 99 and go after the 1!

I think that we will have amazing locations, with all kinds of weather and seasons. I am very much into contrast and making sure that things are not predictable. There are opposites, irony and so much more that will keep the viewers from getting bored. We want our viewers to continue on with the project and not leave after the first 15 minutes. We have a great story and well, I am so excited to be able to bring it to the big screen for all to enjoy! Open Captions in theaters will be made available for our Deaf audience as well.






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