I have been working on writing the 6th volume of the Summer Ray Series. It was a book I wasn’t sure over the years would ever come to life. I could have kept the ending at the 5th book, but since this series has a mind of its own, I had to write what it was telling me. It sounds a little crazy. But, it is the truth. This story has had a mind and heart of its own since its conception. I just went with it. I can see the story as it is being written. I can feel what the characters think and feel and sometimes, it isn’t always an easy story to write. There are many tears, along with smiles with this journey. But, perhaps that it what makes a story so good. It has unpredictable parts, with twists and turns no one can figure out. Stories that people know the ending of at the beginning, are boring. I have tried to keep Summer Ray as real as possible, but with curves thrown in so people cannot guess what will happen.

I have worked on the first script for several years and I am still tweaking it. But, for the most part it is finished and it will be up to the Director to tweak it some more. My fictional characters have become so real that to me they are real. I love each and every one of them. They are unique and have their own special place. This added with the real life characters, has made the story of Summer Ray, truly one of a kind. Not everybody will love the script as I have found out with one of the contests I entered. But, it hasn’t stopped me. I KNOW this is a great story and God will open the right doors for it to get produced. The pitch trailer is being painted as I type this. It will be finished by April 2019. The American Film Market is put off another year because I want to be at my best. I also didn’t want our artist to have to rush, as you really cannot rush art. I have also learned that I cannot rush the completion of this story. It has written itself and I have to write when inspired to do so. Today, I wrote close to 30 pages on the book and haven’t written anything in weeks. This isn’t a normal 9-5 job. This is an, when the inspiration to write strikes, I write. The film work is all hours of the day and night. Except when I make the time for my family and go skating, of course. But, still my skating is part of the film. So, I am striving to do my best to advance on the ice, to make an amazing skater in the film.

Bottom line…I cannot rush art!







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