assemble challenge combine creativity

Over the years, it has felt like I was putting together a puzzle. I may not have understood at the time how the pieces would all fit, but I am starting to. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with huge doors that are starting to open. I am finally understanding why things have taken so long. God is a God of order. I have had to get many things in place, to become professionally sound as a writer. Which is the first order of business. I am a writer. I am an author, screenplay writer as well as a blogger. I may have wanted to jump ahead and get the film to production, but thankfully God did not allow me to when I wasn’t ready. We would not have been taken seriously.

When I see how far we have come, compared to where we started, we have grown by leaps and bounds. I am happy that God allowed me to walk through this process. I needed to learn the business. I needed to learn about my own ability to persevere through the hard times and when it looked like nothing was happening or if it was ever going to happen. I had to have faith. “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Even trusting alone, I had to have the assurance that God was with me, and He was – every step of the way and He still is. People may come and go, but God will never leave me. He is with me and He will continue to make a way.

I have been stretched to the point I thought I would break. But being stretched, is a very good thing. It might be painful. But it is a wonderful thing once the next level is reached. In skating, stretching is what makes the legs look longer in the air, especially on spirals.  Stretching helps with flexibility and it makes skating look effortless and graceful. Regardless of the other billion hours of hard work and strength training, it is the stretching part that makes skaters top level. So, it all depends on how far a skater really wants to go, will depend on the amount of time we put into our stretching. But, seriously, it is really quite painful, and who wants to do something they KNOW in ADVANCE will cause them pain? But, passed the pain is beautiful progress.

I have suffered many times with this project; from a broken heart,to not having any money for food. But, I kept on. I did not and I have not quit and I won’t. The time to quit would have been way back when, when I had nothing but faith to go on. But, now that doors are finally opening, it would be sinful for me to give up now.

Nope! I am 100% convinced, this project will go forward all the way to completion. I am not alone. Father God is with me and making Him happy, makes me happy too!





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