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A set back is defined as a “reversal or check in progress, problemdifficultyhitchcomplicationupsetdisappointmentmisfortune
On the brink of an incredible breakthrough, we suffered a severe “set back.” I would like to add a “disappointment” –  “sad or displeased because someone or something has failed to fulfill one’s hopes or expectations.” I really need to sit back from this set back and look at the people involved, or who were involved. I need to sit back from this set back and look with professional eyes. Volunteers do not necessarily have the where with all, or the commitment to care for this project as if it were their own. Still, passion is needed where commitment is lacking. But if both the commitment and passion are lacking, then so is the drive. One cannot move a vehicle without gas. One can also not move a vehicle if the gear shifter is broken. The issue then, is the lack of professionalism within the project. This is partially due to the lack of funding. When people are paid, they are more obligated to fulfill their duties that they accepted. When people fail to do what they say they will do, the chains are broken and things do not get done. In fact, it can also set a set back, back even further. Two steps forward can then become 10 steps backwards. Healing from one wound, becomes even harder to heal the second or third time around. It causes an even deeper wound because it’s the same kind, just a different day.
I have learned at this stage in our pre-production, to stop expecting anything from anyone unless they are a professional. There is a much higher expectation when you work with professionals. They have a different kind of motivation and they understand what you are needing from them to be fulfilled without excuses. Excuses are what hurt a production. Expecting something based on friendship is suicide to that friendship, as I have painstakingly found out. But, friends who say they are commited and are not, should never be involved in the first place. Something I have also found out, the hard way. Because not only do you lose a friend, you lose time! Time is something that cannot be replaced. As Benjamin Franklin once stated: “Lost time can never be found again.” Friends who are so easily swayed, are not friends. Hard lessons to learn and I have since be given the answer I was seeking.
I need to look for professionals to work on this film project and leave friendships out of it. But, this can only come through funding. I am working on a book tour and my artist friend is working on the paintings for the pitch trailer. The buzz needs to also be created around the book series. While the pitch trailer is being painted, I will have my hands busy promoting the book tour.
So, all is not lost. In fact, this set back has proved to be a backing for a set up! Thomas Edison found over 3,000 ways that did not work to make the lightbulb. But, he didn’t quit until he found the one way that did! I am now released to find the crew that God has put in place to make this film work!

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