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Recently,  what should have been an easy trip to pick up a cast member, turned out to be one debacle after another. The GPS on both of our phones took us to the wrong place and kept turning us around. It kept “recalculating.” It kept giving us a new route to the wrong place. With wasted gas and time, my friend and I were starting to get somewhat frustrated. We had a meeting to get to and well, the meeting couldn’t start without us. But, we both eventually laughed at our prediciment and cussed out the GPS – being the godly women that we were.

I have experienced some of this with the film. Many times, I was given a new route to something that was wrong. Or there were some who are now part of this project, who were having recalculations done in their own lives and eventually we were able to meet at a destination of working together. All in all, our new reality is that we are finally on the path to Production. I have a team of amazing and talented people who all have the same desired goal. We trust where God is taking us. He is the ultimate GPS of this project and of all who are and who will be involved.

Sometimes it can be and as been frustrating with all the delays and detours. But, truly and honestly, with God in control, nothing has been delayed and nothing has been detoured. If we have had to go a different route and found it to be a dead end, well at least we kept trying to find the right path. A lot of people would have given up by now. But, in our world, “giving up” is not in our vocabulary. Still, even if it was the strength of my team, won’t allow those two words to stick around for long. We stick together like glue because we believe in the beauty of this project.

We just keeping moving forward and there is going to come a glorious moment when we will actually say, “We are in PRODUCTION!” Our Ultimate GPS will get us there His way and in His timing.

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