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For the first time in 9 and a 1/2years, I can honestly say that we have our ducks in a row – “to be well prepared or well organized for something that is going to happen.” In this case it is to receive our funding, so we can go on to Production, to Post, to the Premiere.  Then who knows how far this first film will travel. The possibilities are endless; from the theaters, to cable and Internet, to a DVD. Wow! It can literally be seen all over the world.

We will expand with closed captions, so that the Deaf Community will be able to view it as well. I would also like to see the book series done in Braille, or have the books in audio. Technology has made it possible to reach people in so many different ways. I am truly excited to be a part of something that I know will offer God’s message of hope. Which is ultimately, our mission.



 Possessing deep passion in helping others in need and lifting them up from the sorrows of despair and darkness, with God’s love and message of hope.

To bring authentic, wholesome faith-based books and films to the world; By promoting truth, love and humanitarianism.

To effectively expose the “unfruitful works of darkness” by shining the light of the gospel courageously, boldly and without denominational religion.

To be strongly driven by the needs of the lost and be compelled into action, in a manner that protects human dignity.

To maintain a manner of excellence, by keeping core values of human welfare, social goodness, kindness and benevolence; through storylines pertaining to fiction and nonfiction as well.


It may have taken, what has seemed like an eternity at times, but even wine has to age and mature to reach its full potential. We are just like a fine wine. We are savoring every step to distribution. We are growing stronger and with a greater understanding of the film industry. We are maturing in our compassion for the lost and for those in need. We do not eat cakes that are half baked. At times we may have looked done on the outside, but on the inside we were still growing. We were still finding our way and completing necessary tasks to be able to move forward. I am more strong on the inside than I have ever been in my life. Which was also necessary. I needed to grow too.

I am settled on the inside with the script. I am finally 100% pleased with it. I don’t have anymore aching feelings, or uneasy feelings about it. I am at complete peace that it is the way it needs to be.






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