the chronicles of narnia book

C.S. Lewis is my favorite author. His intellect is astonishing. In his book, “The Screwtape Letters,” he (Screwtape) a senior demon, is writing to his nephew (Wormwood). I read where C.S. Lewis had to separate himself and quiet himself after having to write about so much darkness. As a Christian author, it is extremely hard to think like a demon would think. We are taught biblically to think the direct opposite. But, when we are trying to expose how the darkness acts, we have to dig deep enough into it to make an impact.

Summer Ray has its share of darkness and demons. Woeburn is the Prince of Darkness, with demons such as “Dogwood” and “Thacker” to name a few. In order to bring people out of darkness, we have to show what they are going through and how the demonic attacks humans. But, in doing so, I have to think like a demon. It sucks. But, the story has to show the reality of both good and evil, light and darkness. This perhaps, is also why I spend a lot of time alone with just the Lord. I need His presence to brush off the residue of any lingering demonic thoughts. I like to write my Motivational & Inspirational books. With those books, I get to expose the “unfruitful works of darkness,” instead of thinking like a demon at times, in my Summer Ray series.

I am adding a very specific part to the screenplay that hasn’t been there previously. This will expose in greater detail how demons work against us. I pray this shows more in detail the truth and helps to set people free. Which is our ultimate goal…FREEDOM.







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