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Suicide is not a topic I like to talk about. But, I don’t think anyone with a heart does. Yet, it effects millions of people everyday as everyday, someone takes his or her own life. Whether young or old, rich or poor, known or unknown, suicide does not discriminate. I am on a mission to help prevent suicide. Yet, those who have already died, have chipped away part of my soul as I could not intervene and help prevent them from this kind of tragic ending. Parents mourn, children mourn, brothers and sisters mourn, friends mourn, the whole damn world mourns as another suicide has taken place even as I type this.

Most people do not know that part of the Summer Ray storyline is the prevention of suicide. I am desperately working double time, to get the funds we need to get this film into production. I will not give up. I simply cannot. The following is a poem I wrote shortly after a family friend committed suicide.

Just Hold On

The hands of time are ticking,

forward all day long.

Not knowing how to understand,

not knowing what went wrong.


I find myself at a loss for words,

When words are what I do.

I wish somehow I could turn back time,

And make it okay for you.


My heart is broken and bleeding fast,

As I think of all the pain,

So many suffering, so many lost,

So many breaking from stress and strain.


Where’s the dream of a better tomorrow?

When so many are losing hope.

When so many are bound in senseless sorrow,

And can barely hold on or cope.


I find myself at a loss for words,

When words are what I do.

Yet if I can somehow shine a light,

I’ll be a star for you.


I’ll take your hand and lead you to,

The place I know you’ll find.

Peace and comfort in time of despair,

And rest for your weary mind.


Though times appear to thunder loud,

And the tides are raging strong.

My dear friend whoever you are,

You’ve got to just hold on.


I find myself at a loss for words,

When words are what I do.

Look up to Heaven reach for the One,

Who is always there for you.


Please don’t let go, or give up the faith,

Though it appears to be black as night.

God loves you, more then you know,

Please don’t give up the fight.


A second longer, the sun will shine,

Warm upon your face.

And you will see, eventually,

That you are in better place.


And all this struggle, heartache and sorrow,

You’ve held onto so long.

Won’t be in today or tomorrow,

Because life has made you strong.


You’ll sing with the birds, and laugh with the sun,

As new life has come your way.

You’ll get passed the darkness of the hour,

To the light of brand new day.


Just hold on my friend, to one more prayer,

This one I pray for you.

Father God, please help whose weary soul,

Just needs a touch or two.

Let them know You are the Way,

The answer to all their need.

So that their hearts like mine, right here and now,

Do not have to bleed.


Let them know You care for them,

Tell them You love them so.

In a world of uncertainty and doubt,

Your heart… please let it glow!


Juliana Love


My mom always told me, “You cannot save everyone.” She started telling me this even as a little girl. I know I cannot save everyone. But, I will give my heart and soul into helping to save the ones I can. I have to. I simply cannot sit by and do nothing.



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