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Today, I picked up the script for the first time in several months. It was best to walk away from it and let it sit, until I could come back and look at it again. I have the same eyes, but perhaps I have a better feel for the film as a whole. I read again the first book, “This Fair and Blighted Land.” The 2nd script is 30 pages into the script already. Which means only 60 to 70 pages need to be added and it is done too. But, everything is resting upon this first film being a success, so we can go on to produce the 2nd film and so on. This is a tremendously huge undertaking. But, thankfully, I am not alone in my pursuit of the film industry. But, like my ice skates are to my Figure Skating, so the script is to my film’s success. If my skates are broken down and have dull blades, my ability to perform and skate in them, is also just as broken down and dull. In fact, dull blades will find me flat on the ice instead of skating on top of it. Having a bad script, will also cause me to fall flat on my face with the film. It has happened countless times in this industry. Many successful films are being remade because the first one was so successful. I don’t care how many different versions there are of Cinderella, it will always be a classic. It will always have the “happily ever after” and let’s face it, we love romance.

Why the picture of the ice cream with sprinkles? I am making sure the script is polished and has the right toppings. Like a cherry on top of a sundae, it is important to make sure the embellishments – decorative features, ornaments and anything that needs to be added to finish it and finish it right are all in place. This original script is 130 pages long. It is 10 to 20 pages too long for industry standards. But, do I need to follow industry standards as an Indie filmmaker? No! I do not. It can be a matter of budget. But, it also can be a matter of shortening it to a much better ending, or a cliff hanger. Since this is Part I, I can end it with an amazing cliff hanger. It is still undecided if this will be a 90 page or 130 page first film. I will have the direction of a Director to help me decide. If it is cut to 90 pages, it will be part of Part II. So, the longer ending won’t be deleted. It will just be relocated.

I am trying to find the energy to get this done. I have been very tired lately and I have had no motivation. But, I have also been training harder on the ice and riding my bike more. I have had other obligations to take care of as an author of other books. I am happy to finally go back to the script to look it over for anything that needs to be tweaked. If there are any adjustments or ways to improve it, now is the time. Our pitch trailer is in the making and I need to make sure the script, the most important tool that will create the film, is all it needs to be. I expect to stand before prospective producers, directors and investors here soon. The whole package needs to be polished – including me! I am also working on my image and my own personal health and well being. Onward. I will double and even triple my efforts to made progress. Getting it together!






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