Dear Juliana,

You took me on this wild ride and to be perfectly honest, I would not have had it any other way. Summer needed me. Yes! There were times when she frustrated the hell out of me and I wanted to knock some sense into her. But, seeing how that wasn’t an option, I just chose to love her unconditionally. Wow! Because isn’t that the true heart of a friend? But, Summer is more than my friend. She is my sister. When I thought I lost her, I vowed to never leave her side, no matter what. I was stuck to her like glue. Though, I did not and could not understand her suffering, I was broken hearted when I saw her deteriorate before my eyes and I was helpless to do anything about it. She had to learn to love herself, before she could ever accept love from anyone else. I know it was hard for her to not be able to call me “Katie” anymore. “Kat” was the best she could do after her accident. But, thanks a lot for letting me find out that she was adopted, long before she ever did. Do you know how hard of a secret that was for me to keep, for like, 30 some odd years? (((DO YOU?))) Oh but that’s right. I am Kathryn Black. I can handle anything right!!! You made me stronger than I thought I could ever be. But, I chose to love her unconditionally and without restraint. But still, making me keep that secret sucked. What if I blew it along the way?

Remember that freaking “Gentleman Ghost” in book two? OMG! Do you realize he scared the daylights out of us? You sent us on one adventure after another. We went back in time. Who does that? Camp Trousdale – seriously? But, you know what? I was able to attend to those wounded soldiers. Even if, for just a moment in time, I was able to nurture them, clean their wounds and show them the smallest amout of benevolence. I didn’t care that they were Confederates. They were suffering soldiers. I guess God made me a nurse for many different reasons. Yes! There were times when I wondered what the hell I was going to do with Summer. She was so freaking impulsive and rarely listened to reason. I thought you said I was her voice of reasoning? Hmmm…do you think you could have had her listen to me every once in a while? Or have me get a word in edgewise? No! I didn’t think so. I was there to support her and her story. You know, even harder than keeping the secret of her being adopted, was me having to send her to Georgia when I was getting ready to go into surgery. I thought I had killed her. I saw the look on her face and I didn’t know if she was going to be okay or not. But, I knew she had to go. I knew she needed to be in Georgia, more than she needed to be with me. If I ever saw a look of betrayal on Summer’s face, it was that morning. But, I loved her with my whole heart and I had to choose what was best, even if she would not choose that for herself. Sometimes, this story is so heartwrenching that even those of us who are not real, can still feel the pain of it all. Well, that is enough down memory lane for now. I won’t disclose too much more. I will wait till the films are finished and then I will give you a piece of my mind!

Love you, Katie/Kat

P.S. The Gentleman Ghost? Are you kidding me!!! Climbing Big Round Top in the middle of winter? What??? Do you know how terrifying it was for me to climb that icy hill and get a bleeding Summer and then have to get her back off the mountain without killing us both? She made a promise to who? Ghosts? What? I didn’t see any Civil War Soldiers. Thanks a lot again. Okay! Rant over…for now! 




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