As I was browsing through my Facebook, just trying to get my thoughts together on what I needed to do today. I came across a woman who is a professional writer. She said to have your characters write a letter to you. This way, you know will if the characters have depth.

So, here goes!

This first letter is from Summer. The main character.


Dear Juliana,

First, I want to say, “Thank you for telling my story.” I know it has been a very long road and there were times when you wondered if you would ever make it through to the premiere. But, I have great faith in you and those God has with you. You will make it. My story is your story and just think of the multitude of people we can help together. Because I know that is truly your heart. It is to help people and to shine a light on their darkness. I wanted to leave a legacy behind and through your writing, I have been able to do that. I want people to know that no matter how bad it gets, they can still find something beautiful in the ashes. Who would have thought that my dreams of competing at the Olympics would have been crushed. But, coaching Special Olympics has allowed me to help others fulfill their ice skating dreams. My disabilities from that tragic car accident, led me on a path that I probably would never have taken.  As an older woman now, I look back and I am finally able to see the good that came from it. You know, when I was younger how I wanted to kill myself because I just could not get a grip on the new me. I hated who I was and who I became. I felt so unlovable. I felt that no one would ever want a person like I had become. I wrapped my identity in my skating and my dreams of the Olympics. Surely, I would have been loved then. Wow! Did I ever miss the true meaning of love. I was worthy of love all along because of what Jesus did on the cross. God loved me the way I was before and after my accident. I just had to accept it. I think that is possibly why God allowed me to meet the General McDaniels and the Unknowns. Seeing their suffering was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It helped to take the focus off my own self pity and learn to have compassion for others.  

But, you know the world is changing my dear, especially here in our America. Our history is being erased daily and you must take a stand to stop it. If you cannot stop it, at the very least, you can get my story out there. You must get my story out there. The true historical events can still be seen, read and heard. I know how much you love history and I know how much it grieves you to see the current state of our beautiful country. They can take the history out of the country, but they cannot take it out of the human heart. So, you continue on. You get my story told. There are Vets out there who are suffering and you will honor them by your success. Do not give up or give in. You must complete this mission.  All of your characters love you. You breathed life into our very lungs and gave us purpose. You created us and actually have brought us to life. We are so thankful for all of your hard work and all you have had to sacrifice to save us. We know they tried to stop you. We know they said you could not do it or finish it. Ha! We have faith in you. So, you go. You get it done and we will be cheering you on at the premieres! 

All my love,

Summer Ray Sherwood


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