pexels-photo-164527.jpegI have been thinking about funding and what it will mean when we finally have it. Wow! What a great time that will be and not just for me. I will be able to pay people who have worked on this project so far for free and I will be able to hire my cast and crew. Yet, what if God gave me the funds when I first started this project? I don’t think I would have learned all I have in this process. I have worked incredibly hard learning this business. But, I am actually thankful nothing was handed to me without proof of my commitment. I had to go after what I wanted and what I was convinced needed to be done. My being fully committed has been proven. I simply will not stop. I have to see this through. The amazing people who have helped along this journey, their input has been priceless. People who took the time to help carry the project forward, became some of our greatest miracles. These stepping stones would have been missed had the funding been there right from the start. It would have been easier, no doubt. But, the memories of all we have gone through to make this first film, it’s been like treasure in and of itself. In all the years of blogging, this one is the first of it’s kind. So, I know the funding is here. I just don’t want to forget where we came from. It’s why I blog and keep journals. The process might suck…and yes at times the burdens seem too heavy to carry, but if you don’t give up you too, will someday cross that finish line. If there is one thing I have learned from Carole Dean is that funding is out there in multitudes. But, you have to be prepared to receive it. Your mind and your emotions have to be in line and in agreement with each other. We cannot ask God for one thing and then not believe He will provide it and go on to something else. We cannot be unstable in our approach to success. Like I said, the process sucked! It was at times excruciatingly tough. But, the conviction in the core of my being never left. In fact, during the hardest times, it rang louder. Which drove me to my earnest prayers. Without God’s help, this would have been impossible and I know it. I will always know it. I will always testify to that fact, every chance I get. He is faithful. I have been waiting years to get where I am now…funded! But, now the next phase of the work begins. I am, before that taking a much needed vacation. We have crossed over from being flat broke, to being fully funded. It’s like Joseph who went from the pit to the palace in one afternoon. But God trained him for years to be a leader while he was in a prison cell. Sometimes, I would get so discouraged I would cry. But, I kept my eyes on the someday. Well, it is with great thanks and much happiness, for me to tell you, our someday is here! I pray we make a film the Lord above will be proud of! Let’s do this! Thank You, Lord! You are the hero of my heart and my dreams! Forevermore, I am Yours!




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