I have been working hard on my “pitch.” Due to my having Traumatic Brain Injury, at times my speech is affected. Which for someone having to give an important pitch, this can be extremely bothersome. I almost passed this responsibility to someone else. Then God met me where I was at.

In reading the book of Exodus from the Bible this morning, I could not help but notice the similarities and how Summer Ray relates. Our Colonel/General McDaniels middle name is “Moses.”  Moses in the Bible also turned aside to see the “burning bush.” In our story, we have a thornbush. Moses had a problem with public speaking due to his speech being”slow.” I have a problem with my speech at times.  But, what did God say, “I am with you.” Wow, just wow! I tend to forget that part. I tend to feel that the weight of the film is on my shoulders. It is not. It is on God’s and His are far more bigger than mine. So, the truth of the matter is this. I can talk to who ever I need to. I can stand in front of 50 or 5 and give my pitch without the fear of screwing things up. The outcome rests with God. I just need to do my best. He is with me. He will decide who does what. He will pick out His people and I don’t have to worry about that. He is with me.

As Moses led the Israelites out of the bondage and slavery of Egypt, the story of Summer Ray is meant to lead those out of the darkness and bondage of Satan, to God’s light and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. But it is done with an honest portrayal of Summer’s stuggle with her faith and how God uses her weaknesses to strenghten her and those around her. I am NOW, finally understanding it is not about my ability. It is about God’s. It’s is why God had me add “Moses” name to the Colonel McDaniels. God can do this. I am able to do this too because He is with me!





One thought on “HE IS WITH ME!

  1. Hi Jules HALLELUJAH I have told you that you are definitely able to do this. TBI or not you are your own best promoter. You have lived this project for so long, nobody else can breath e the life into like you can. You go girrl.

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