It is Good Friday – March 30, 2018!  There are so many amazing “Christian” films being made. I can hardly wait until the release of ours, Summer Ray The Redemption Part I. But, our film is not pitched as a “Christian” film.

The story of Summer Ray and its universal element is redemption. Yet, this is not a “religious” film. It is an honest portrayal of a young woman’s journey, and her personal struggles with her faith, after she is disabled with Traumatic Brain Injury, due to a tragic car accident.

I felt the need to make this more of a human interest story. Unfortunately, some who are in desperate need of the Cross, shy away from Christian films. It is my deepest longing to have the story of Summer Ray, be a guiding light to those who are in darkness. It is the epic adventure of good vs. evil that keeps us wondering, if the main characters ever find
“redemption.” In creating a “mood board,” there were over 15 different emotions. It was quite an eye opener and these were only from a few selected scenes. I suspect there are more to be found. It’s this contrast of stirring the ups and downs and the emotional tredmill that makes Summer Ray anything but boring. Yet, it is not a predictable story either. Those who have read the books have tried to figure things out. But, I wrote the story so that it twists and turns in ways that it isn’t easily predicted. People have asked me time and time again how much of it is really true. I can’t give all my secrets away, now can I!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter






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