When I first started this journey with Summer Ray, God didn’t tell me all of the good and bad details. If He had, perhaps I would have faltered in my faith and gave the whole thing up.  When the Israelites left slavery, He didn’t tell them they would end up at the Red Sea with no way out, and that Pharaoh’s army was going to be hot on their trail. God doesn’t tell us everything. He does show us the ending and in this case, it is successful film with us at the premiere. But, He didn’t tell me all of what it was going to take to get us there. I have been told time and time again that I am in way over my head…agreed. I have been told time and time again that this project is too big for someone just starting out in this business…agreed. However, if it were just me that was working on this, I never would have been able to get this far in the first place. If Father God was not with me, I would not be even writing this film blog.

We might be at our Red Sea, but I know the one who can part it. We might be chased down with doubts and critics, but I also know the one who can silence them by our success. I am not willing to turn around and go back to where I came from. I am not willing to go back to the beginning and start something else. I am not willing to let the sea in front of me, keep me from moving forward. God can send an Ark; He can part the sea; He can shift the winds and ride me over top of it. He can rain manna down from Heaven. He can give water from a rock. He can cause an ax to float; He can count the stars; He can make what is impossible, possible.  I have no intentions on staying put or running back. He didn’t part the Jordan until the priests stepped into the water that was actually overflowing its banks. They could have drowned just by stepping into the river. But, faith demands us to do something. It demands us to take that step; or to raise that staff; or to put out our hands. So, I need to think of what I can do to put action to my faith! What steps can I take that will part the Red Sea in front of us? I will find them and proceed forward. To God be the Glory!!!



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