Can I just take a few minutes to breathe and to thank the so many people who have helped so far with this project! Wow! We have come a long way. In speaking with a true professional film trailer editor, (yes it’s a mouthful), we have been advised to create an illustrated trailer with voice over. Our fundraising has taken a turn to concentrate on raising the funds to hire a professional artist to hand paint the scenes. I have added some of Lori’s illustrations to show you her amazing talent.




The video, is most of the Act I’s storyboards that I put into a teaser trailer. This gives you sneak peek into the film itself and how it will progress. But, Wow! Having Lori illustrate the scenes like in the above pictures, I can only imagine how amazing the trailer will be. But, that is what we wanted. We wanted to raise the bar and when professionally advised, we listened. Our storyboards, over a year went into my old landlords drawing them and I simply cannot thank them enough. The boards will be used to create the film, as the Director will have them. I am exicted to see Act I and how the story will actually look on film. But, we still need the painted illustrations to take it to the next level. I hope you will take the time to watch the video. It is 17 minutes. I had to slow it down to give you time to read the script that is actually added to the storyboards. With the voice overs on the next trailer, it won’t be so long.



If you click on the “Donate” button, it will take you to our Fundraising Campaign via our Fiscal Sponsor, “From the Heart Productions.” You will see another video which is our current trailer. We hope you will take the time to read through our campaign and familiarize yourself with our project. The movie website is, where you can find additional information on my Summer Ray Series via books and upcoming films. Please also remember that even small dollar donations add up. Sharing our project is also of great help for us.

Enthusiastic and excited, you all mean so much! Thank you again and again for your continued support and love of our project.




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