I have been working on the storyboard video and without fail, each time I get to certain parts, I cry. Then I began to question, “Is this story really good enough to be a success?” Although the book has had great reviews, scripts are so much more complicated than novels. With a novel, I do not need an Act I  thru Act III structure. I can basically write what I want. There truly isn’t a wrong way to write a book. It just needs basic formatting and punctuation. But, in order for the book to make sense and for the readers to get something out of it, there has to be something of value inside the covers, on the pages. The written word, is a fabulous tool. It can be used for hate. It can be used for good.

In the case of writing a script, it is a complex skill. I think it needs to be learned by trial and error. When the first script writer got a hold of my manuscript, she loved the idea of the story. But, it needed work. She came back with (7) pages of notes. Which, I must add, I took very seriously. My cousin made the rest of the adjustments that were necessary. I didn’t get upset at the scribbles. I embraced them. A lot of people get mad if people question their craft. I feel that is counter productive. I am new to the screenwriting business and I had a lot to learn. Heck, I am still learning. I read and study it all the time. I am always seeking ways to improve. But, there does come a time when it is “good enough” and you just have to trust your own basic instincts. Still, there will also come a time when the Director may have to tweek what you have, and that is to be expected. But, the general concept and body of the script is intack. It is complete and it is something you and I can be very proud of.

I went through a “screenplay checklist” and I was surprised to find, I met most of those requirements. In fact, I was thrilled. Sometimes, we just need a boost of encouragement and confirmation that lets us know we are on the right track. The above picture are (4) of the leading characters. I know each one by name; by heart; by backstory; by emotion and by their own personal identity of who they are and what their purpose is. They are alive to me and will be to the audience, though (3) of them are fictional. They are all real in their own unique way, and it also helps to gives the story depth. We do not want shallow  characters. If we dive into shallow water, it could be deadly. It is true with a story. If there are only shallow waters, there is nothing to dive into. The story of Summer Ray, is anything but shallow. It isn’t flat, or empty. It has a soundness to it that hooks people in. But even fishing in shallow water, for the most part, isn’t a good idea. It is why we cast our lines out into the deep. The bait has something to sink in. As a swimmer, I love swimming in water that is over my head. It can be scary, but I also feel freer. In this case, I am definitely in way over my head. I am the first to admit it. There are days when I feel like I am drowning in stress. But, then I get a great review, or God leads me to someone that most people would never get to talk to.

When I keep God in the foreground of the project, His ability makes this project possible.






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