There are days when I wonder if I should continue. Then, I start to get into the story and I wonder how I could ever quit. It’s like my ice skating. The more advanced I get, the harder the practice is. Which is an obvious statement. But, as the skills get harder, so are the falls. With the broken bones, bruises and sacrifices, more is expected of me then when I was just skating recreationally. Likewise, it was so much easier when I was just writing a novel. But, then one turned into two and before I knew it, I was starting volume 6. One film has turned into several and as we progress, it gets harder to continue. Especially since we are going into our 10th year.

But, with each stepping stone we cross, we are that much closer to the premiere. We could be half way there, or just around the corner. I honestly do not know. It could take 6 months, or it could take another 5 years. At this point, only God knows. But, only God will continue to know if I give up. In the above photo, the Union Colonel McDaniels has a story to tell. He has a purpose and so does the Union Lt. Colonel Jameson. Though ficitional characters, they still have a reason for being born. In fact, all of my fictional  characters have a purpose.

So, I choose to continue on! We have a story to tell and we are!!!


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