I was actually pleasantly surprised by last night’s Oscars (May 04, 2018). The women’s gowns were more conservative; there wasn’t a night full of Trump bashing and I think it was great to see the diversity in all the films. Which is why we watch the Oscars right? To see the creative work of so many amazing people.

When you have been given a voice, you have a responsibility to use that voice for the good of mankind. Last night I heard words like, “to connect with the world” and “human interest.” We make films for the purpose of entertaining the audience. But, it doesn’t stop there. We also want to reach that same audience with a life changing message – like in the picture above.

Countless times I have wanted to quit, or to sell out. But, then I think about the possibility of those life changing messages being removed and the film just becomes one of entertainment. If I were to let that happen, I would have let down my responsibility of being a light in the darkness and a voice of inspiration. I do not have all the answers as to how this film is going to be made. But, I do know the One with those answers and that is God Almighty! If there was no God, perhaps this film series would be sold off to the highest bidder. But, because there is a God and I know He is with me, I have no excuse to give up or give in. I have to remain steadfast and I will!

If you would like to donate to our worthy cause, please click on the “DONATE” button. It will take you to our new fundraising campagin for a professional trailer. Please check out the video too. ALL donations are tax deductible and yes, even small amounts add up to big ones. Be a voice and use that voice to “connect with the world” and what matters to “human interest.” We appreciate you and are so thankful for your support. We need fresh faces in Hollywood. We need new original series, not continued remakes of the old classics. A classic should not be remade. It should be vaulted for eternity. Hollywood is running out of ideas. We have something unique!




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