12115563_10206571391977312_1179404967971334011_nBen Franklin once stated, “Lost time can never be found again.” I am very cautious in not wasting time. But, I am also constantly trying to get stuff done within the time I have each day. When I am not doing something, I tend to feel guilty. If I were to work out everyday without giving my muscles a break, I would do them more harm than good. If I am not allowing my thoughts to take a rest from the grueling work of filmmaking, I will be sure to get burned out and make mistakes. Impatience, is not a virtue. I have had to learn that it is ok to take a walk, skate, read other books beside history and filmmaking, and just not think of the film at all. It becomes increasingly overwhelming the more we get into the project. The Bible says, “Do not fret, it tends only to evil.” Fretting is a constant worrying and almost a nagging that if not brought under control, it can derail my focus. Conviction and fretting are like polar opposites. For instance, I know that in order to improve my skating, I must get into core strength training, stretching and ballet. These things are not options. But, I have either been too busy or just haven’t felt like it. Or I really am too busy and adding one more thing on my plate is simply too much. So, how busy is too busy? I need to get my priorities straight. Are there things with the film I need to be doing that I don’t feel like doing? Do I need to be making a better use of my time? Β It is difficult to pinpoint. There are days, I am so busy I forget to eat. There are days when all I do is eat and nothing else. There are days when I work double shifts on the film and then don’t touch it for weeks. Then, there are days when I walk for 15 miles and just forget the world around me. I do not have a set schedule. There are things with the film that are truly beyond my control and I need to be patient. But, each day I can be doing something. Blogging is a something that I hope will encourage others on their journey and it helps me to keep track of the days that have bled into years. So today, as I sit here waiting for laundry to dry, I am thinking of the above picture and how I miss the Gettysburg sunrises. Perhaps, I really do need to learn how to make a better use of my time. I have a few more hours left in the day to devote to the film. But then, I need to consider a schedule. Laughing at myself! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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