032-11 What I love about blogging this film journey, is the fact that I will be able to go back and read what we went through to complete the film. Hopefully, others who are struggling too, will find a sense of encouragement. They won’t feel so alone. There will be documented proof that perseverance is the key. The miracles are real and not made up. God has has His hand in this the entire time. I just had to learn to let Him be in control. It’s never really been my project. It’s been God’s from day one. I had to wait on Him to steer me where He wanted this project to go. I have been so greatly blessed, though  I temporarily faced one hardship after another.  I needed to learn to take each day and  not try to grab onto tomorrow too early. I can’t get to z before I make it through the other letters. There really has been no skipping ahead. There simply cannot be. My head is clearer now, more than it has ever been. God will help me complete this first film with great success, so we can go onto the next!  All my best, Juliana

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