washington I am extremely fond of George Washington! He was a brilliant and dedicated officer. I have visited the place where he crossed the Delaware River in the ice and snow. With my warm clothes, boots and temps above freezing, it was hard to imagine all they suffered. But, they chose to not take the paths of least resistance. They chose not to take the easy way out as that would have meant a loss of freedom. Each time I come to a crossroad in regard to this first film, I am faced with decisions of selling out. I don’t think too long on it because I have conviction that our film series will be able to help set other captives free too. People who are in bondage to a loss of hope can lead someone to suicide. My convictions do not allow me to take the easy way out, no matter how hard the struggle to succeed. I care not just about my own happiness, but the happiness of others. If I sold the script and story rights, I would lose all ability to maintain it. It could be water down and not help anyone. I am committed and convicted to continue! Juliana

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