logo10 I have been going over all that we have accomplished so far. Wow! It’s a lot. One cannot get discouraged about what hasn’t happened yet, when so much up to date has been done. I had a great deal to learn about the film industry and I am still learning. But, the point is, I have been willing to do all that is needed to ensure a successful film series. Sometimes I am overwhelmed and just crochet. Then, after a few days away, I go back to working. Over the years I have worked on different pieces of the puzzle and just now I have started to connect them. It’s really quite extraordinary to see how every piece has its place. The intricate details are fascinating, once you see just how many different parts there are that make up a completed film. I am thankful I have had this experience. I needed to learn the trade, improve my writing, and understand how to function in a business such as this. There are times when I wish I could just hand it over to someone else and let them do it. But I can’t. I have to stay actively involved to ensure the vision is projected off the screen. People have taught me that I am the one that needs to be out in front. Meaning, people want to know the person behind the story. This comes down to branding. Who is Juliana Love and what is her angle? My logo says it all. Love is not just my last name. It is what I want to be known for; a woman who loves God and who loves people. It’s in our Mission Statement and hopefully it is what people will come to know us as. Love is the universal element as well as redemption. But the two tie together. Because without love, there could be no redemption. God told me not to make a Christian film. Millions of people are turned off by Christianity and the last thing we wanted was to push people away. We are making a true and fictional account of a young girl’s emotional journey after she becomes critically injured from a car accident, and how it changes the course of her life forever. Her faith is tested. She has to learn to accept who she has become, or allow self pity to destroy her. It’s not an easy script to present. But, it is a story that touches the human heart in how it relates to our day to day living. If we can help just one soul find the love, perseverance and comfort from above they need, well then, we have done our job and I consider that to be what our success will be about. The millions made will be split a lot of ways. But, the service of showing love to a human soul is priceless. All I know is this, my feet are firmly planted. No amount of success is going to change the person I am right now. I am getting to give! It doesn’t mean I won’t keep what I have worked so hard for. It just means, I will continue to stay focused, to light the world as my mission. Juliana


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