IMG_20180208_123011_954.jpgToday is February 09, 2018… exactly 9 years ago today, I started the Summer Ray Series when I climbed Big Round Top in Gettysburg, PA. The weather conditions were much like you see here. I will admit, it wasn’t the safest thing for me to do. But it was something I HAD to do. I was called. I answered that call and here we are 9 years later. Five volumes are written as well as the first screenplay. I have entered a screenplay contest and plan to enter more. There are days when time seems to drag on and I am tempted to fall off the path. But, I must stay the course. I have no idea how close we really are to getting funded and obtaining the right help we need to get to production. I have to stay the course. This is not the time to slack off and doubt. This is the time to reflect on where we have been, to where we are going. This is not the time to veer left or right and follow a different road. I could become lost in a matter of minutes and not find my way back. No! I will stay the course. I will dig my heels in and we will get out of the wilderness of pre-production to the open opportunities of production. It’s a lot like hiking. Wow! How easy it would be to take a wrong turn, thinking it is the right one; or to ignore the warning or posted signs of direction; or if I decided to go solo. Although I must trust my own vision, I still must have the expertise and wisdom of others. The sight of the winter wonderland that I was in awe of, is precisely what I want others to see in our film. I want brilliance! Brilliance takes going that extra mile, or doing what others won’t. It means waiting, planning, and fighting for what I know is right. It means being rejected too. It means hearing from others how it can’t be done and how crazy I am to even try. Yes! I am crazy. I am crazy enough to believe that we are fast approaching production. I have to be prepared. What will I need to keep myself steady? I honestly don’t know. What do I need to take on this journey? See, we are coming out of one wilderness and hiking right into another. It isn’t until we reach our destination of the premiere that we have finished the first course. It’s like hiking the Appalachian trail. Some parts are far more treacherous than others. How easy would it be to take a wrong turn and become so lost I could not find my way back. The thought, is terrifying. No! I must stay the course. I must prepare for the beginning of the end of isolation. I love solitude. But, the new journey will require me to come out of my shell and be around those who will help make this dream a reality. I need to put in my backpack courage, perseverance and fortitude! I need to refuse to veer off into doubt and stay on the path of success. We will reach our destination! Juliana

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