I love this cannon picture as the light hits it just right. These pictures do not just materialize on their own, they take a lot of work. One must know when to sit, stand, squat or lay down and in which way to angle the camera. But nonetheless, it is always being at the right place at the right time. Which is my heartfelt prayer for us this year.

If I can only use two words for the year 2018, one is “commitment.” Commitment is simply being dedicated to a cause. In our case, it is getting our pilot ready and our business packages ready. But not only that, it is also deepening our awareness of our own character. For me, to play the older Summer Ray (50), I have to polish my skating. So, I am now going back to ballet. This will also help me with upcoming competitions. But, I want to give my role the best me that I possibly can. I am committed to my role as Summer. I am committed to my role as a writer. I am not sure if I will play any other roles, such as a Producer – but the roles I do know of, I am giving my all. I owe it to the story to not be mediocre.

I feel this year is the year to become fully committed to this project. I must focus my attention on what needs to be done and just do it. I cannot sit around and wait on others to do it for me. The other word I would use for this year is “polish.” We must put the finishing touches on all we are doing, before we submit them to those who will fund us and who will be our Director and Producers. Hollywood is becoming increasingly aware of the need for women in Hollywood. It is possible we may have a woman Director. I honestly do not know. I only know what is right in front of me and it’s what I am accomplishing at this time. The committment to polish the project!



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