WooHoo…I feel like we are finally crossing our own icy waters of the past. Like George, our faces are set toward the future and the victory of crossing that finish line successfully. Finally, we have the right direction in which to go and we are working on the steps to get where we need to be and to do what we need to do. I am confident that later this year, we WILL begin PRODUCTION.

I have learned not to be anxious. I have learned not to measure time with this project. Nine years may seem a long time and in fact it is. But, it is the preparation time that we needed and will need this year to get ready to shoot our 50 minute pilot. We have since been directed to create a pilot for a TV series and not a feature film. I have thoroughly researched comments and the majority of them have been the same, “Films are far too expensive for a family of four.” We are family oriented and we want to reach the family as far and as wide as we can. I am willing to give up my big screen dreams for the greater good, of being able to reach more people with our story. This includes DVD, Internet, TV that can be viewed via satellite etc., even to third world countries.

We are working on the budget. We are connected to the PA Film Office and will utilize as much help from them as we can. We will also seek help from colleges and other sources. Throughout this year, we will be collecting props and will store them to be used as needed. We have a rather large dirt room that we will also be able to finally put to use. This will cost anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000. But I am confident these funds will be raised and will be put to proper use.

I am looking forward to expanding and meeting the people necessary to help us make this a reality. With a heart full of gratitude, thank you for your continued love and support of our project.






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