Reading, studying, reading, studying, entering screenplay contests…the amount of work that goes into creating a successful feature film, is astonishing! I think one of the most important aspects (features, characteristics, particular parts, facets), is the audience. We can finish the film and have it be an amazing piece of story telling and art. But without the audience, it is just a finished film and nothing more. The audience is why we do what we do. They are the heart and soul of our production. When you truly love the people and want to bring a message of hope to them, you cannot quit. Why? It is because love does not quit. Love sees you through the worst of times and it propels you in the best of them. It causes you to keep moving forward when everything is telling you not to. You  have to trust your own vision, if you want to succeed. There will be plenty of road blocks a long the way to tell you to, “Stop!” or “You can’t do this, it’s impossible.” Or a personal favorite, “Pity! It had such great potential.” You have to trust in your own heart and why you chose to do this in the first place. There are so many facets to creating something like this. Every piece has to be in sync with the other, or it will not work. Things will be out of order or not make sense. That is one if the reasons re-writes of the script are so important. The structure of the screenplay needs to satisfy the elements of change, in order to be a good story.

With Indie films becoming more popular, added with the digital age, Hollywood is not necessarily a must for a filmmaker to break into. Hollywood, with many of its liberal ideals and ideas, I am sure I would not fit into their mold anyway. But, I do believe there are many talented and generous artists that have made the world a better place, because of their association with Hollywood. I also look forward to visiting Universal Studios and the many amazing places this part of the country has to offer. I just know that times are changing and the need for Hollywood is becoming less and less for Independent Film Makers.

We need to reach the audiences across the globe. Technology has made that possible.




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