It may have taken close to 9 years to get it right, but damnit…we did it! Don’t you ever quit. Don’t you ever give up. Persevere till your dreams come true. I cannot begin to express how incredible it feels, to finally cross over that finish line of, “Will we ever get there?” I am here to tell you, “We got there!”

This past weekend, this scene in particular (pictured) was the hardest thing I have ever had to experience. It reminded me at how close I was to killing myself. You see, this scene is about me. I didn’t know honestly, how I was going to survive the pain of that head injury. But, I did. I chose to live. I chose to trust what God told me through the voice of a friend. I’m not gonna lie. It took years for my life to get better. I had a lot of rehabilitation to work through. But, I stayed the course and so can you.

This is the reason why I have refused to quit. I KNOW how important this series is to the world, especially on the big screen. When you watch this scene, added to the music, your heart can’t help but to break for her. You feel her pain and you want to help her. You want to tell her, “It is going to be okay! Don’t do it! God loves you. I love you. What can I do?


But this picture, it also shows where so many people are at. They are lost. They are alone and they are dying inside. We can’t just sit back and do nothing. They need us! We at Summer Ray, are answering their cry for help!!! But, we are crying out ourselves for funding. Even filming with an ultra low budget, is still around $250,000. But after what I witnessed this weekend, we can make $250,000 work. We have some of the most dedicated and amazing people on the planet attached to this project and we simply will not quit. If you would like to help us, please click on the red button below. It will take you to our fundraising campaign and all donations are tax deductible. I wasn’t going to ask for monetary help in this blog. But, my heart is crying out for so many people who need us, and we need you!


FTH Donate Button


God Bless You and thank you for walking this journey with us. Even just reading our blogs, sharing our pages, reading the books etc. it all helps us to “Light the World.” I am truly humbled by your support. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing group of people to work with. This is real folks. This is real! Let’s continue to get this done and help to change the lives of so many hurting people.

Much Love,



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