After going through some pretty rough changes, we are having our first video shoot in over a year tomorrow. The changes have made things outstanding. But at the time, it was hard to see how any good could come out of it. I just had to continue to see through the eyes of faith. This will be the first time our two leading ladies will be together. I simply cannot wait to see, how they well they will work in contrast to each other and with the story.

I am so very honored to have so many dedicated people who stand by this story,  even though we are not yet funded. But, we will be and that is what matters. Summer Ray has gone through her own ups and downs in how this story is to be presented. I do believe we have finally found the right way to pitch it forward. Over the years, we have had our share of hopeful base hits; a few foul balls; many outs and now we are looking at hitting our home run. It’s an exciting time for us.



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