After months of tweeking this and that, I am so looking forward to an upcoming video shoot. I have been very busy working behind the scenes, fixing various issues with the books and campaigns. But our eyes are always on the goal and on crossing that finish line of a finished and distributed film. Things may have seem delayed. But, I am never sure if it is a delay, or if it is just the right time to do something. “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” So, when it’s the right time for something to get done, it does. Summer Ray has a purpose under heaven. When it’s the right time for the funding to come in, it will. It is really that simple. But, I have to make sure we are doing all we need to be doing, to give something of value to those who will read the books and see the films. We have to make sure we have our pitch just right to give to those who will want to invest in our story.

We are in a good place. We are more professionally presented. I am still working and I am still advancing. Doing a pairs program with my coach in the first film, means I have to be ready for it. I refuse to have a body double. It is hard work. But, I am looking forward to the outcome. We are being polished. It’s like God is applying the final coat to what we have already accomplished. Polish makes things shine. It is our time…to shine!


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